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Profession Kitchen
Deep Fryers


Since the introduction of the Food Safety Act 1990, and further enforcements of this act such as the Food Safety (General Food Hygiene Regulations) 1995 and Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, stricter regulations are continually being enforced on the catering industry.

The services that Advanced Cleaning (Midlands) Ltd provide are tailored to the client’s individual specifications to promote the essential high standards required.  


Services such as:

  • Degreasing, descaling and/or decarbonising of

    • Catering preparation equipment

    • Extract Canopies 

    • Grease Filters (removal and refitting)

  • Cleaning of ceilings, walls, doors, woodwork and internal glazing

  • Cleaning of fluorescent light shades

  • Scrub clean and vacuum dry floor areas

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Bio-Mist Fogging   (click..)

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